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My name is  Alex, passionated photographer, tireless traveler and adventure lover. I like anything that has to do with telling stories, specially those that talk about our own world. To travel, to explore and to discover new places, cultures and people, to capture fleeting moments about their lives, their traditions, and their lands and to show it in the most original, creative and human way as possible..


It's been a while since I decided to inmerse myself in the incredible world of photography and since then I haven't been able to stop. Personally I understand it as a strong tool to tell stories and to preserve one of our biggest treasures: Nature. And also as a way to talk about ourselves, to understand where we came from and where we are going to. 

I trully believe that nowadays the world we live in is an increasing global community  and that the ways of communicating tend to unify themselves through images and visual. This is the playground where creativity, innovation and above all the human factor must play a significative role.


With this project series I want to explore different places and cultures  of the world and to document stories that enable us to know a bit more about each other. To capture with the camera the miracle that is our planet and the natural wonders in it. The people that inhabit it, their beliefs, their dreams and illusions, their lands and their landscapes, sometimes near from home, others far away...very far away... traveling through oceans, crossing desserts, jungles, walking over glaciers or climbing high summits...


Probably the areas where I work most comfortably are the human portrait, the nature photography and the landscapes as they are genres that enable me to get really close to that I want to communicate. Despite of this, I have touched several photographic genres and I always try to learn from each of them, experimenting, innovating and trying to give the images a more creative look. 


The goal of this site is apart of showing my work, to share my love for photography, traveling, nature and the art of telling stories. If it works as a source of inspiration for anybody, even if is just for one person it will have been worth it.



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